La Carota


July 2022

President’s Message:

Hello fellow Club Paesano Members. Happy Season of Summer to you all. As always, I hope that this edition of

LaCarota, finds you all doing well. Healthy, happy and safe. Summer has finally arrived, the sun is out and the temperatures have gone up, like the cost of gasoline! It was as though we skipped the spring season and went right into summer. I personally love this time of the year. Vacations, outdoor events, water activities. Whatever you have planned, have a great time, and stay cool.

La Polenta Dinner:

We had our annual La Polenta Dinner

that happens every June, in lieu of our general membership meeting in June. Like the other years, it was a beautiful night. It seems to be growing with more and more people coming every year. As in years past, we always invite all of the other clubs, and Italians in the area. I got to see some new faces, and met a lot of them too. All of them thanked our club for putting it on and were very impressed with our facilities. Most mentioning how lucky they thought

we were, in having a physical building

 and a park, that we could call home!

Thanks again to all of you who came out to make this a success. Thanks to all that came out early to set up, served and cleaned up afterwards. Special thanks to our Kitchen volunteers, Marc Battilega and Jimmy Calcagno, who cooked and were responsible in getting our lovely

dinner out for all of us to enjoy.

Concert in the Park:

Our Concert is now approaching quickly and will be held on Saturday, August the 6th. Gates open at 4pm. Tickets are now available on our website. We have changed our ticket prices for this event. We will now charge $10 for “General” admission, (lawn seating), and $15 for a chair at a table. We will be selling food separately. Our World Famous, “Spaghetti & Meatballs ”will still be available, along with a variety of other offerings.  Our musical entertainment will be “5 Guys named Moe”. They played  our “Halloween Dance” last year, and had the place rockin! If you haven’t purchased your tickets yet, please do so. Don’t wait till the last minute, and lose out on your favorite spot. Go to to get them today. Our Spring Dance brought in over 300 people. Let’s see if we can double that, for this event. Invite your family, friends and co-workers. Post it to your social accounts and any media source you can think of and pass out fliers. Word of mouth is key. From what I have experienced, once a person has attended one of our events, they usually come again, and bring more people with them. We have always asked for volunteers to come and help set up for our events, but unlike our other events, the Concert in the Park, needs you to come and volunteer. It is the only way that it can run. We need our members to work and to make things happen! There are many positions that need to be filled, and shifts that need to be worked. You can work a shift or two, and still be able to enjoy the concert with your family and guests. It can’t happen without you all. We will havea “Volunteer” Sign-up sheet at our next meeting, with all the different jobs and shifts. Michelle Ordway has graciously volunteered to be our coordinator. and will be in charge of signing you up. Please see her or contact her at or call her at 503-250-2356. We need “All hands-on deck” To make this event a success! Our charity partner

will be the Oregon Humane Society.

Paesano Bocce Club:

Our Paesano Bocce league nights have begun, and I am very happy to say that we have expanded our leagues into 4 nights now! The interest and excitement about bocce has grown so much, that we were able to add another night. That is great news for us and everyone is having fun. We have a lot of regulars who came back and a lot of new people that have signed up. Many of these new people have never even played a real game of bocce before, or have rolled on a real bocce court. All that I see every night, is smiling faces and hear a lot of laughs. This off season we tore out the last 2 old natural surface courts, and replaced them with 2 new artificial surface courts.  This was no easy as supplies were hard to get, and expenses went way up. Worst of all our friend and family bocce member, Mike Neish, suddenly and unexpectedly passed away. We were at loss and knocked down for a minute, until our very own Doug Burchak, picked up the baton, and ran with it, full steam ahead! With our president Mario Pompei’s leadership and great support from our board of directors, Larry Cereghino, Brad Cotton, Dino Gavazza, and Myself, along with help from many of our bocce members, we were able to get the courts done on time and ready for opening day. Such a great accomplishment that I am so happy to be a part of, and that all who were involved should be very proud of. That’s the perfect example of a “Village coming together”! If you haven’t seen our new courts, please feel free to take a walk out there and take a look. Now our ultimate goal is to get all 4 courts covered with a roof, so that bocce can be played all year long, and we can enjoy one of the greatest bocce facilities in the country. It won’t be easy, but once again, with leadership, support, and the willingness to help, we can accomplish this great project as well. We are currently selling Advertisement and Personal signs to hang on our bocce courts and fences. Great location for advertising as our courts face the Spring Water trail. hundreds of people a day travel by our location. We are also selling personalized Pavers, that will be laid around the courts, as well as Hoodies, tee shirts hats and bocce towels. If you would like to make a monetary Donation, please contact Mario, Doug, Dino, Larry or myself. If you own a company or work for a company who can donate or sponsor a tournament, let us know. Thank you.

Gresham Chamber of Commerce:

On Friday July 15th, Club Paesano will be hosting the Chamber’s “Friday A.M.” This is an event that the Chamber puts on every Friday morning, at a member’s place of business or facility. It gives an opportunity for the Chamber member to showcase their business, give information and let fellow Chamber members tour your facility. It’s also a fantastic way to network, and let the public know exactly what we do and who we are. In our case, we get to show them not only Club Paesano and who we are, but Cedarville Lodge and Park as well as the Paesano Bocce  Club. The event starts at 7:20 a.m. and usually lasts for about an hour and a half. We will provide a light breakfast and get 10 minutes to speak about Club Paesano. After that the Chamber does their presentation. This will give us the opportunity to network with people and advertise our events. It also gives us a chance to get people into the Lodge for potential rentals, as well as showcasing our “World Class” Bocce facility. Potential new members and rental opportunities, sounds like a winner to me! If you are available and would like to join us, please do so. The more representation we have, the better, to speak with our fellow chamber members and to answer  any questions that they may have. We did this last  July and it was a huge success. I’ve met some great people from the chamber, since we joined last year. They’ve rented the lodge, come to our dances, and have joined our bocce league as members. Joining the Chamber has been a great investment all the way around.

La Carota Question:

As you all know, last month’s LaCarota question, was postponed till this month’s meeting, because of our La Polenta Dinner. We will have a winner for it at this month’s meeting. Those of you who answered it, could potentially win a 2nd bottle if you are lucky enough to answer this month’s question. So here we go! The question is, As of this September 2022, how many years will Club Paesano be incorporated?

There you go, a pretty easy one for a nice bottle of wine. You can’t win if you don’t play, so, get those answers in today.

Final Thoughts:

As we gathered for our La Polenta Dinner, I was very happy to see the turn out we had and some of the new faces that were there. Some of the people were new and from different clubs. It was great to see them and welcome them to our Club. In speaking with some of them, I was sad to hear that a couple of their clubs will be dissolving, because of lack of membership and participation. Of course I  welcomed them to investigate Club Paesano to see if we would be right for them, as well as them for us. I know that we are in different times now, and some of the family and social club dynamics have changed. That being said, I am amazed and proud of the fact that Club Paesano keeps foraging ahead. We seem to be gaining traction instead of losing it. We’ve had more interest in membership, and our events are becoming more popular again. Covid was unforeseen and unfortunate, but a slight bump in the road for us. We are pretty much back to full steam ahead. Something that we should all be very proud of! I’m so happy to be part of it and to be able to call myself a “Paesano”. Please have a safe Independence Day with your loved ones and try to keep in mind the meaning of the day, while we enjoy it. Take care, salute and “Vivi Club Paesano


Club Paesano Heritage Day! Sunday March 13th

Club Paesano’s Italian Heritage Dinner! A walk down memory lane. Great presentation by Anna Nassib (Fazio) It all started in 1955 as Club Paesano. In 1975 Paesano members purchased Cedarville lodge for $60,000. Lots of memorabilia on display. Loved hearing the old stories from all the old timers, especially Richard Calcagno. “He told us all the little dark secrets no one knew about! We know now! Fantastic dinner provided by Greg Demaestri and his brother in law Dennis Grieng. Mike Farley for the drink of the night, “The Tirasimu”! So yummy! Giovanni Kern at the front desk! Thanks to all volunteers for helping out!

And a great Big mille grazie to Rick Cervi for putting this all together and Diane, Rick, and Adriana Cervi for the Fantastic set-up! The lodge never looked so good! And thank you Joe Rossi for providing some of the pictures! Here are some pictures of the evening.


Celebrate National Law Enforcement Day and Adopt-A-Cop Month

January is Adopt-A-Cop month. Club Paesano is member of the Gresham Area Chamber of Commerce and Proud to be participating in this month long Gresham Area Wide Celebration.

Several Club Paesano Members showing our support to Law Enforcement and Officer Brian! If you see Officer Brian, Thank him for his Service and let him know you are a Club Paesano Member!

Club Paesano at Gresham’s Farmers Market

Gresham Farmers Market

Hello All. Saturday morning July 31st, Club Paesano, was able to set up an informational booth, at the “Gresham Farmer’s Market”. We had a canopy and table set up, to advertise, and answer any questions, about “Club Paesano”, Paesano Bocce”, and “Cedarville Lodge & Park”. We were also able to advertise and sell tickets to our upcoming “Concert in the Park”, Saturday, August 7th. As most of you know, the “Farmer’s Markets” are very popular in the Portland area. A lot of people visit them, so our booth was visible to a great amount of people walking by. We had so many people stop to ask us about our clubs, both “Club Paesano” & “Paesano Bocce Club”. We had some inquiries about the Lodge and Park rentals too. The day was a total success! We were able to sell tickets, advertise our upcoming events, and sign up some new players that were very interested in playing Bocce. This was a new experience for us, and one that we will definitely be taking more advantage of. Best of all, it was free for us to do! Special thanks, to Bocce Club President, Mario Pompei, and Shannon Chissom, for coming out and helping to promote our wonderful clubs, and facilities! Another huge step in the right direction!