The Paesano Club Member’s, “Monday Night Social”. Brought to you by the Paesano Club’s “Fun Committee”!

Starting Monday, November 16th at 5:30pm, we will open up the club doors, to Paesano Club members, for a night of socializing, eating, watching various sporting events or movies, playing cards, or just relaxing with a cold beverage, and visiting with fellow members. We plan to continue the “Monday Night Social”, every Monday night through out the up coming year. Should the club be rented out on a Monday, an email  will be sent out to all members cancelling that Monday’s social gathering.

The “MNS” (for short), will be run by the “Fun Committee” (Dino, Jim, Geno, Rick), and any other members who would like to lend a hand. We will provide snacks at the bar. Food, beer, wine and soft drinks will be available for purchase, to cover expenses.

Although we don’t have a member’s lounge (Yet,,,,??)  This will definitely be a way of utilizing the “Club” to gather, visit, and relax with fellow members, outside of our monthly meetings, and our 4 major events. This is not obligatory, but in talking with a lot of you, the interest to have a “Social Night”, was very popular, and needed. I hope that we see many members come out, and take advantage of this “Social Gathering”

“MNS” is a “Members only” event.




December 2020

Ciao Club Paesano Members,

December 2020, My last la Carota

2020 will officially go down as a tough year. The Covid-19 pandemic, social distancing, mask wearing, hand sanitizing, lockdown, quarantine, Governor mandates existence has been a challenge. No weddings/funerals to attend. Businesses struggling, restaurant shutdowns, minimal family get together, and now the upcoming holiday season. What to do?

How did you celebrate Thanksgiving this year? Weather you had a small family gathering, visited friends or just stayed home with your immediate family I hope everyone had a Fantastic Thanksgiving! The Pompei’s gave thanks for our health and that all family members are safe. We also gave thanks to ending 2020 soon!

December is also the time of the year we select Officers, Board Members and New Members to the Club. Check out the voter page attached. Here are the nominees:

Here are the Nominees for new members:

~ Mirella Rizzatti

~ Antonio Mitittero

~ Matt Dindia


Here are the Nominees for Officers and Board Members:

~ President ~ Rick Cervi

~ Vice President ~ Jim Calgagno

~ Secretary ~ Jim Siri

~ Treasurer ~ John Kern (permanent)

~ Sergeant at Arms ~ Dominic Giusto

Three Board members

~ Phil Potestio

~ Geno Benagni

~ John Benagni

~ Jim Burch 

~ Ken Gemma

~ Dino Gavazza

~ Chris Siri


* Normally we would be nominating a “Member of the Year” but with 2020 being shut down and all our events cancelled we will not be selecting a “Member of the Year”.


Special thanks to three outgoing board members Marc Battilega, Jim Burch, and Jim Calcagno for their contribution and commitment to Club Paesano! Three fantastic Club Paesano All Stars!


12/2, General Membership Meeting

There will be additional ballots at this meeting Dec 2nd.


12/6, Members Christmas Party Canceled


At January’s general membership meeting we will have the Installation of New Officers, Board Members and the Introduction of New Members.

2021 Public Event Dates,

Public Events (everyone welcome)

February 7th, Superbowl Party,

February 13th, Carnavale Dance, Featuring Ben Jones Gold Experience

May 8th, Spring Dance, Featuring The Hit Machine

June 2nd, La Polenta Dinner, All Italian clubs welcome to participate in this free dinner.

August 7th, Concert in the Park, Outdoor Dinner/Dance Featuring The Beatniks

October 23rd, Halloween Dance, Featuring 5 Guys named Moe (costumes optional but encouraged)

La Carota question: Congrats to Bill Mallon for answering November’s La Carota question:  That’s two months in a row for Bill!

As I write La Carota monthly I have been asking questions to have a little fun, some controversy, get some member involvement, and give away a bottle of wine. In actuality I primarily wanted to see how many members actually read it. So, Novembers question is:

How many bottles of wine have I given away?

  1. 33
  2. 35
  3. 37
  4. 39
  5. 41

The Correct answer was C. 37

December’s La Carota question:

Do you like to drink vino? “if” you do, . . .  I got another bottle to give away. This month’s la Carota question.

As I finish out my four years as President of Club Paesano, how many other members have served four or more years as President?

  1. 1
  2. 2
  3. 3
  4. 4
  5. 5

E-mail me with your answer and be present at the next meeting scheduled for December 2nd.

The Paesano Bocce News

We still need funds to complete two additional courts. Buy a Paver to help support Paesano Bocce is the easiest way to help. Get your family, business or club engraved on a paver and cement your legacy for everyone to see. Only $100 will help bring two new courts to our fantastic Cedarville Park. Go to click on Buy A Paver tab or see Rick Cervi. 

Bocce Courts are available for rent for large functions. If interested see me, Larry, or Rick.

Bouna Salute:

Members needing a little cheer and a prayer: Let Don Filippi know if you have someone that needs a pray or a little cheering up.  503-936-3532 or

Prayers for:

Rick Cervi: Neighbor Teressa, and Friend Dallas, Friend son Corey. All recouping from the “VID”

First responders everywhere ~ Special Thank you to Firefighters in Oregon.

All Club Paesano Members and their Families!


Membership Dues

There are still a few who haven’t paid their dues, . . . Everyone needs to be current by the end of the year.  If you are one of the few who hasn’t paid yet bring a check to the meeting! Giovanni Kern will have his “high” pockets open for business! He does take credit cards. Dues this year is $105.

Club Paesano Fun Committee:

New Event: Virtual Wine Tasting (See attached Flyer)

Zoom Event

December 6th

3:00 PM

Cost: $34.50

Includes: 2 bottles of red wine, and 1 bottle of Prosecco

Contact. Rick Cervi at: email: Or call him at: 503-257-7374 with your name and an email address where we can send the “Zoom” invite. The last day to sign up for this event will be Monday, November 30th.

They are still selling hand-made wooden flags, both American and Italian, with multiple logos, i.e., Club Paesano, Bocce, Military, College etc. Proceeds will go to the “Fun Committee”


Cedarville Park:

Cedarville Shares are still available for purchase. Shares are for Club Paesano Members only. You must be a member of Club Paesano to purchase shares. See Steve Petruzzelli if Interested.

If you are thinking of booking an event at Cedarville in 2021 do it now. Many of the events for 2020 have been cancelled and rescheduled for next year and are taking up all the good dates.  Contact Hanna Vrieling at 503-666-7636 or e-mail

Please visit our websites and Facebook page for up to date information:

All the member’s news, updates, events and schedules can be found on these links. Never any excuse, “I didn’t know!”

Club Paesano:

Web Site:


Facebook Groups:

Paesano Bocce Club:

            Web Site:


Other Italian Club News: (Let’s bring all clubs together and support each other)


Tune in every other Sunday to KBOO Radio 90.7FM at 9 am PT in the Portland area or stream from for an hour of Italian contemporary music and some local Italian news.  Let’s support Andrea Scasso in his efforts to bring Italian music to the community. 

Festa Italiana

Dates are set for 2021, June, 25, 26, 27 at Oaks Amusement Park. This will be the 30th Anniversary.

Festa is having their 3rd virtual event scheduled for December 12th featuring the Portland Opera. For more info go to or email: Frank Cook


They are soliciting for assistance with procuring wine, donations and gift cards to raffle for the Festa virtual events. If you would like to contribute or know of a business that would like to contribute items please contact Michelle Ordway. Anything is appreciated. Club Paesano will be donating two bottles of wine for their next event to help praise funds. For more info go to

Also, do you want to get involved with the Festa? They are looking for motivated people to join their Festa Committee and be a part of Festa Italiana Portland’s 30th Anniversary party in 2021. If interested see Mario, Michelle Ordway, or Ed Ferrero.

Club Paesano has always been a great supporter of The Festa. Let’s do our part to help out!


Portland Bologna Sister City Association:

The Portland Bologna Sister City Association is appreciative for the support it received during its Sagra in October. They are actively planning Their next Youth Exchange cycle, hopefully hosting Bologna’s contingent in the summer and we are pursuing ways to share Italian-based activities in Portland and on the West Coast, by participating, publicizing and supporting all initiatives.

For more info go to:

Sons and Daughters of Italy (Vancouver)

Grand Lodge of the North West Fund Raisers: Christmas Ornaments, if you are interested in any Christmas Ornament contact Barbara Blair at 360-253-7984.

West Side Italian Culture Group is now Italian Portland

Here are their links:



Italian Clubs Conference:

Next Zoom meeting is scheduled for Monday December 14th 7PM.

*Special Note: Italian Portland has volunteered to maintain an Italian Community Events Calendar. You can find all Italian events and what is going on in Portland here:


As I close out my four years as President and after forty-seven “Presidents Messages” you would think I would run out of things to say but as I look back the messages keep getting longer and longer.  Even in a COVID-19 Year when everything was shutdown. My focus was to keep everyone interested in fulfilling our mission statement and stay focused on our Club’s sole purpose. The social and recreational benefits of our members and to continue to develop a spirit of friendship and community service. Although difficult at times it really has not been hard to find something to highlight each month.  In this, my last President’s message I wanted to share some reflections with you.

APPRECIATION: I have greatly appreciated working with everyone at the club. I have had the privilege working with a great Board of Directors and a pretty talented group of Officers. Working with and interacting with our members, (a bunch of fun Italians) is something I will never forget.

PRIDE: Presidents often talk about what they accomplished. I’m not one to pat myself on the back. No leader ever accomplishes anything on their own. All I can say is I’m proud of the accomplishments “our team” has made over the last four years. Here are a few examples I am proud of. We now have an active social media presents. We created a rock solid web-site and two Facebook pages.  One Club Paesano Page and one group page. We totally automated on-line ticket sales through our web-site. We can presell tickets and track sale headcounts. We created a “Fun Committee” that actively seeks out social activities we can all participate in. One of my happiest accomplishment is the monthly membership meeting continue to be fun. With the addition of la Carota question giving an opportunity for fun, controversy and education! We come a long way baby!

HUMILITY: Although there are many accomplishments, we’ve achieved over the last four years there are some thing I wish could have gone better. Like many organizations Club Paesano has been struggled with an aging population and a declining membership. Fortunately, the club has addressed this and made positive steps this last year. We started an official membership drive to bring in enthusiastic and motivated members. I believe this will continue

GRATITUED: Finally, I would like to THANK the Officers, Board of Directors, all Club Paesano members, member families, friends and my wife who supported me and helped me through the last four years. Thank you for all the advice and kind words. You really made the last four years enjoyable. We have accomplished a lot and had a lot of fun in the process. More to come!

Mille Grazie,

Stay Safe and have a “FANTASTIC” Day


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