Club Paesano’s Members Appreciation Hawaiian Dinner and Dedication of “Bob’s Bar”


Members Only, . . .   The Paesano Club Member’s, “Monday Night Social”. Brought to you by the Paesano Club’s “Fun Committee”!

After enjoying 5 months of our “Monday Night Social”, we will be taking a break for the summer. We will resume them starting Monday, September 13th






Ciao Club Paesano Members. Hope that this month’s newsletter finds everyone doing great!

Well, the more things change, the more they change! Looks like the nation and are state are finally starting to get a handle on this “Pandemic”! Numbers are dropping, significantly, as more and more people are being vaccinated, and really doing a great job of protecting themselves. Multnomah county’s numbers have come down, and it looks like the governor will be putting us in the “Low risk” category soon. That will be great for all of us, and Club Paesano/Cedarville Lodge too. Hopefully, our upcoming events will move forward, and Cedarville Lodge will start to rent its facilities on a frequent basis, like before this pandemic hit us!

I know that all of us need to move forward and leave this “nightmare” behind!!

Speaking of events, last Saturday, we had our member’s Luau Dinner and Bob Larson memorial. For those of us that attended, it was great time! The food was outstanding!! (Catered by the Hula Boys in Brush Prairie, WA). It was so good, and so plentiful! 3 meats, steamed veggies, 2 rice dishes, noodles, Hawaiian Mac & Cheese, cucumber salad and dessert. Everyone loved it! I would highly recommend them. After dinner we had a free raffle for wine and a basket. I feel that the most important part of the night, was when we had our Memorial and a proper send off, to a man that we all called a friend. A man that was such a significant part of Club Paesano, and one of our greatest members, Bob Larson. With his family in attendance, we unveiled a plaque from Club Paesano, that had a beautiful picture of Bob, with his Million dollar smile, that would light up a room, and an inscription that read,” Dedicated to Bob Larson, because he was truly dedicated to Club Paesano”. We hung it on the wall in the bar and dedicated the bar to Bob! The bar is now called the “Bob’s Bar”. His family, and our members, recalled some of their favorite times spent with Bob. It was a beautiful, and proper send off to a wonderful man. He’ll forever be missed but will always be in our hearts!

Special thanks to Phil Potestio, for taking care of the plaque. Mario Pompei and Chelle Ordway, for working the bar. John Kern for working the door. Geno Benagni for recommending and picking up the food! The night was great, and I received a lot of good feedback on how enjoyable it was. Most of the comments were about how fun and comfortable it was. They enjoyed getting to visit and talk with one another, without having to talk over loud music. Also, being able to move around without a crowd.

This was all positive feedback on a smaller, more intimate event, that would be geared more for our members only. A date set just for us, and an occasion to utilize the club more for ourselves. There are so many things that we can do. Dinner/dances, karaoke, bingo, Club Paesano “Heritage” night, wine tastings, etc., etc. We also have the option of using the outdoor covered area, the “Cantina” and the park area. The Bocce courts can also be made available for some friendly, CP members games and tournaments. The list is really endless, and as I say, it gives us the opportunity to utilize our Club, to its fullest potential. Cedarville was purchased for our Club Paesano members to use and enjoy! We need to start using it. Cedarville Lodge/Park will still be rented out, and we will have to work around it’s scheduling, but we surely can make this happen! If you have any fresh ideas, that you would like to see happen, please contact me. The board and I will be happy to review it and see if we can make a go of it. Just remember, it takes a lot of help, and some work. If you want to see your idea happen, please be willing to participate, to see it through.

La Polenta Dinner

Just a reminder that June’s membership meeting, will be our annual “La Polenta” Dinner. There will be no membership meeting, but our Polenta dinner instead. We are inviting all the other Italian Social clubs in the area. This will be a fantastic dinner, shared with fellow Italians. A real chance to get to know other Italian clubs, and their members. This is an annual event, that has always been a hit! We will be serving polenta with sauce, (meat & meatless) salad, and a dessert. We will also provide soft drinks and water. We ask that if you enjoy wine with your meal, please bring a bottle for yourself, or to share with others. This is a free event for all Italians, but you will be required to put a little work in too. The jobs that we need filled are, Kitchen and set up (earlier shift), servers (as this is “Family” style), clean up, and tear down (later shift). If you have a preference as to which job you would like to do, then email me, and I will put you on the list. If you don’t email me with a preference, then you will be assigned a job. Like “Nonna’s” dinners, everyone needs to do their part!! Doors open at 5:30pm and dinner will be served promptly at 7pm. Thank you in advance!

The Fun Committee

After enjoying 5 months of our “Monday Night Social”, we will be taking a break for the summer. We will resume them starting Monday, September 13th. I have to say, we have had a Fantastic time! We have been fortunate to have some great food every Monday, made by different people, and some, with the help of their spouse’s. We have a bar with very reasonable priced drinks. Some members have even purchased alcohol, so we can resell it at our bar. We’ve watched sports, and some smoke cigars. We have played different games, that have brought so many laughs and entertainment amongst us. It has been a BALL!!! Even on some of the nights, were just a few of us have shown up, it has always proven itself to be fun, and worthwhile!! Most important is we have had the chance to talk, and get to know one another a lot better! Once again showing, what a Social club is all about! If you ever thought that having our own “Members Lounge” would be a great idea, then please help to support our cause. Showing up, and being active in it, will be a good way to show Club Paesano and Cedarville Lodge how serious and how necessary it is! To all the “Regulars” that supported, and showed up, most of the times, thank you guys so much!!! For those of you that never had the chance to make it out, I highly recommend it! You won’t be disappointed, and we welcome you with open arms! See you in September!

Now that some of the “Covid” levels seem to be lifting, and hopefully the counties will be opening up more, the “Fun Committee” will meet soon, and be discussing some functions that we can have at other places. We would like to support our local businesses, restaurants, bars etc. that have been hit so hard by this pandemic. We will try to set some get togethers up, at these establishments, to give them our support and help the economy. Stay tuned, we’ll have more news to follow.

Paesano Bocce Club

Paesano bocce had a “Meet and Greet” in conjunction with the “Festa Italiana”. It was a meet and greet, to bring out and welcome new bocce players to our sport, and our club. We coincided it with the “Festa Italiana” virtual “Il Sacco” event. We took new players and paired them up with seasoned vets of the game. The Veteran players assisted and coached the newer players during their matches. We had 32 players, show up, which gave us 8 teams. While the games were being played, our very own Mario Pompei (Paesano bocce), and Ed Ferraro (Festa Italiana) were being interview, and it was being streamed live, online, by the “Italian hour’s” Andrea Scasso (KBOO 90.7 FM Sunday mornings). What a fun event it was! Mario kept it entertaining and had a lot of facts about bocce. Its origins, history, and the state of the sport today. Also did some great play by play and promoting of Paesano Bocce. Hopefully it peeked some interest and attracted some new players to join and help expand our club and this sport!! This was a free event and the club supplied free coffee (thank you, Café Umbria), and a free lunch. If you would like to view the video, please go to the “Festa Italiana” website. It has a couple different links for you to view it. Very entertaining, and well worth the watch. Thank you once again to all the people that came out to help set up, play and coach. Special thanks to Mario & Jayne Pompei, Doug Burchak, Brad Cotton and Chelle Ordway, for your extra help.

Our bocce leagues will be starting Monday, June 7th, Tuesday June 8th, and Wednesday June 9th. Monday and Tuesday night leagues are filled with 8 teams each night, but we still have room for teams and individual players on our Wednesday night league. If you have been thinking about it, and want to do it, now is the time to join, before it’s too late. Our coordinator needs time to build in the teams and the match ups.  If you have a team or are an individual who wants to play but needs a team, please call us ASAP! The sooner you call, the sooner we can build you in! Please call Rick Cervi at 503-257-7374, Mario Pompei at 503-890-0656 or Brad Cotton at  503-891-1945

La Carota Question

Should I just change the name to the “Mario Pompei” question of the month? The man is on a roll!!! 4 bottles in a row? I believe this is an all-time record! Can he be stopped? He wins because he plays! The only way to stop him and win a bottle yourself, is to play. “You can’t win, if you don’t play”! Let’s see if this will be the question that topples the “Wine King”!

This month’s question will be about a place in Europe. Here it is.

What city is Europe’s largest outdoor Market Place held in, and what is the Market called? Please email me your answer at  All correct answers will be entered to win this May’s bottle of wine. May’s winner will be announced at July’s membership meeting.

La Parola Italiana Del Mesa

This months phrase will be “ Godimento della vita” which means “Enjoyment of Life”. We can all use a lot more “Enjoyment of Life”!!!

Final Thoughts

As this year rolls by, and we enter our 6th month of the year, I look back at 2020, and the 1st quarter of this year. Man we have been through a tremendous amount of things, and unfortunately it hasn’t been the best of times for a lot of us. The one thing that I have seen though, is our resiliency. The way that we have stayed strong, and vigilant at trying to stay clear of this virus. We have all done what we needed to do to protect our families, friends and ourselves. Now we can see a bright light at the end of this tunnel!

Our members have come out and supported, the little things and events that we have tried to do at the club, to keep us somewhat active. Our Monday Night Socials, Superbowl party, Membership meetings, and our Luau dinner/ memorial, last week. Our Bocce club is on the upswing again, as we have signed new members, and have started another league night. All this just proves to me how strong our membership is and makes me even more proud to be a member and a part of Club Paesano!!! Keep the spirit alive, and thanks for all you do!




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