Members Only, . . .  Don’t miss this Monday Night Socials 5:30, 

The Paesano Club Member’s, “Monday Night Social”. Brought to you by the Paesano Club’s “Fun Committee”!

Every Monday night, at 5:30pm, we open up the club doors, to Paesano Club members, for a night of socializing, eating, watching various sporting events or movies, playing cards, or just relaxing with a cold beverage, and visiting with fellow members. We plan to continue the “Monday Night Social”, every Monday night through out the up coming year. Should the club be rented out on a Monday, an email  will be sent out to all members cancelling that Monday’s social gathering.

The “MNS” (for short), will be run by the “Fun Committee” (Dino, Jim, Geno, Rick, with Mario Behind the bar and his cocktail of the week), and any other members who would like to lend a hand. We will provide snacks at the bar. Food, beer, wine and soft drinks will be available for purchase, to cover expenses.

Although we don’t have a member’s lounge (Yet,,,,??)  This will definitely be a way of utilizing the “Club” to gather, visit, and relax with fellow members, outside of our monthly meetings, and our 4 major events. This is not obligatory, but in talking with a lot of you, the interest to have a “Social Night”, was very popular, and needed. I hope that we see many members come out, and take advantage of this “Social Gathering”

“MNS” is a “Members only” event.





March 2021

Ciao, Club Paesano Members

Hope this month’s newsletter finds everyone doing well! We have just completed another month of 2021, and the “Hits” keep on coming!! People trying to get scheduled for vaccinations, restaurants, gyms and small businesses still unable to open to 100% and to add insult to injury, we get hit by a major snow and ice storm, paralyzing the area! I thought I left all of that in Canada 24 years ago! Thank God it only happens once in several y e a r s i n P o r t l a n d . H o p e f u l l y n o o n e sustained any serious damage or injury! Unfortunately, due to “Covid”, we had to cancel our “Carnevale Dance”, and our monthly meetings have been effected, as far a s a t t e n d a n c e , b u t hopefully, we can still move forward with our “Spring Dance” Saturday, May 8th, and our “La Polenta” dinner in June. We will continue to monitor the “Covid” situation, and follow the “CDC Guidelines” to make our decision about our upcoming events. Our “Super Bowl” party was a lot smaller, as expected. We had a smaller group, but it was still fun. “Tom Brady” proved himself to be the “G.O.A.T.”, and guided the “Bucs” to a Super Bowl title! Thanks to all that showed up! Special thanks to Marc Battilega for running the kitchen, and keeping the food coming, and Geno Benagni for making and running the “Squares and Prop bet” table. On another positive note, “Club Paesano” will be joining the Gresham “Chamber of Commerce”! It’s something that I really felt we needed to do. After discussing its benefits with our “Board of Directors,” it was an unanimous vote to join! The benefits of being part of the “Chamber” are endless, and so advantageous to us as a “Social Club” that is based in Gresham, and the “East County.” Some examples are: advertising all of our events, i.e.” dances”, “Concert in the Park”, etc. on their monthly calendar and website. Weekly meetings with other members and businesses. Table set up for advertising at their “Expo”, and opportunity for our members to play in their “Golf tournament.” Also discounts and additional benefits to “501(c)3-Non Profits”, and so much more! It’s a powerful way of getting our “Club Paesano” name, out there, and to be more “Recognizable” in Gresham and the “East county” area, hopefully bringing more people out to all of our e v e n t s , a n d p o s s i b l y o b t a i n i n g s o m e “ N e w Members.”

Fun Committee,

Now that the “CDC” rules for “ C o v i d ” s e e m t o b e loosening up a little, the “Fun Committee” will be w o r k i n g o n p u t t i n g something together for the n e a r f u t u r e . P e r h a p s listening to music, or going out for a pizza and drinks. We will keep you informed when we finalize something. The “Monday Night Social” is still happening. We’ve had several wonderful and tasty d i s h e s b r o u g h t i n b y different members. Mario Pompei is keeping the bar going with his weekly installment of the “Drink of the Night!” It’s been great fun, getting to know some of our members better. Feel free to join us every Monday night, when you can. Doors open at 5:30pm (barring a cancellation). Still selling our “Custom Wooden Flags” as our “Fundraiser” for future events. See Rick Cervi or Geno Benagni if interested. Check out our website at

Paesano Bocce Club,

The Bocce Club, has elected a Board of Officers: President: Mario Pompei; Treasurer: Rick Cervi; and Chairman of Competition: Brad Cotton; and Board of Directors: Dino Gavazza, Doug Burchak, and Mike Neish. We are currently reviewing ideas to get our two new courts covered, as well as getting two more new courts built in the future. Getting the courts covered with a roof, would extend the seasons, giving our members more chances to play, perhaps all year long. Extending seasons, and being able to have more bocce events, such as more tournaments, would definitely bring in more revenue for the club. We are currently fundraising by selling “Personalized” pavers, hats and towels. We will also except monetary donations!!! It’s never too late to be thinking of our Bocce Leagues, starting this June. Currently we will be playing Monday and Tuesday nights. If you have a team, or are on your own, and want to play, please go to our website to sign up, or feel free to contact: Mario Pompei, Rick Cervi, Dino Gavazza or Doug Burchak for more info.

La Carota Question,

Last month’s winner, was none other than our former “Presidente” Mario Pompei!! After four years, he finally had a chance to answer a question, and took home February’s bottle of wine!! Congratulations! My questions will still be of “Italian” interest, but I will start gearing them more towards “Club Paesano’s” history, and its members. So here is this month’s question; “What was the month, and year, that “Club Paesano/Cedarville Park” was purchased, and who was the “President” at that time?” Please email me your answer at All correct answers will be entered to win March’s bottle of wine. Must be in attendance to win.

La Parola Italiana Del Mesa,

Starting this month, I’m adding a new feature called, “La Parola Italiana Del Mesa” (“the Italian word of the month”). In this new portion, I will choose a “word” or “phrase”, in Italian, that maybe you can use someday. I’m sure that some of us could use a little help with our Italian, and I’ll try to skip the “Bad words”! LoL!! My first words for this month are “Neve e Ghiaccio”, which mean, “Snow and Ice”, which definitely could have been used in February!!

Final Thoughts,

So far, 2021 has roared in like a “Lion”! Hopefully we will get to see the “Lamb”, show up pretty soon! Must be on “Italian Time”! “Piano, Piano” (Italian for, “Slowly, slowly”). As we come out of this Pandemic, and things start to become, somewhat “normal” again, I’m sure, that for most, the extra time with family was a blessing. Like the “Club Paesano” that was built on the idea of “La Famiglia”, lets never take them for granted. Here’s to better times ahead! Salute, Rick


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