July 2020

Ciao Club Paesano Members and Friends,

2020, What a year so far! January, Australian wildfires, February, African locust invasion, March, April and May, COVID-19 Pandemic, June, Protest and Riots, OK, can we have a reboot of 2020? Can we go back to January 1st and start over?  Even redo the Superbowl and the Carnavale Dance? Seems like ages ago we were singing and dancing to Dancehall Days. Little did we know that would be the last of it until maybe Halloween.

The outlook for the rest of the year doesn’t look great either. Prognosticators are predicting July Solar Flares, August, Yellowstone eruptions, September, Alien envision, October – November, Pandemic returns even stronger. December, Asteroid plummets towards earth on Christmas day!

The July Monthly Meeting is a GO:

Club Paesano is still committed to everyone health and safety. That said I am pleased to announce, . . . 

The monthly meeting scheduled for July 1st. limited to 25 (our usual) There will be No dinner served. So please plan accordingly and eat something before the meeting if you need to.

            Mask are mandatory

            Social distancing will be in effect

Concert in the Park: CANCELLED

Chinook Winds Casino Bus Tour: POSTPONED

La Carota question: (I have a lot of wine to give away, are you in?)

March La Carota Question: Congrats to Mike Farley for winning the bottle of wine for March’s drawing.

April La Carota Question: Already got entries for this and will be awarded at the May meeting

Which of these Iconic Italian Foods was first introduced and became popular in Italy? (oldest dish)

  1. Baccala
  2. Risotto
  3. Pizza
  4. Ribollita
  5. Ossobuco
  6. Polenta

May La Carota Question: To win a bottle of wine answer the La Carota question below correctly. e-mail me:,  You must be present at the meeting to be eligible.

 Which one of these is NOT an Italian expression?

  1. Stoonod
  2. Cabbadost
  3. Fachabroot
  4. Stata Zeet
  5. Stroonz
  6. Fahgettaboudit

June La Carota Question:

While the Italian roots of stars like Madonna and Robert de Niro are well-known, there are other celebrities whose ancestral connection to Italy is not as renowned; celebrities who, despite their American-sounding last name, have Italian origins, either grandparents, parents or relatives hailing from Italy

Which one of the following celebrities does not have an Italian connection?

  1. Matt La Blanc
  2. Bradley Cooper
  3. John Stamos
  4. Steven Tyler
  5. Jason Biggs
  6. Al Yankovic

July La Carota Question:

Which one of the following members won a bottle of wine in January! Let’s see how good your memory is:

  1. Phil Potestio
  2. Rick Cervi
  3. Jim Burch
  4. Michael Farley
  5. John Benagni
  6. Danny Taylor

Italian Clubs Conference:

On Monday June 15th I participated in an Italian Club Video Conference via zoom put on by Pasquale Madeddu from The Associazione Culturale di Portland (ACIP) and The Portland Bologna Sister City Association (PBSCA) our own Phil Potestio. The primary purpose of this meeting was to get not only the Italian Club presidents but key figures in the Italian community together to get to know each other better, learn about the mission and goals of each club, exchange ideas and support each other’s events.

Direct communication between all the Italian Clubs in Oregon would strengthen the Italian community in the area and help support Italian Business in the Portland area during the current Pandemic.

The response from this first meeting was very positive and we will be continuing to meet quarterly to exchange ideas, help each other with marketing events and support each other. We will make the Italian community much more united and stronger.

For a list of participants and members see last page.

The Paesano Bocce News

The Bocce Season is a go! We started play on June 22nd with modify health and rules. If you are interested in submitting a team or just interested in playing, we do have open slots available. See me or Larry Cereghino or The Bocce Club Competition Chairperson Brad Cotton.

New Rules for 2020 Bocce Season:

Specific to Paesano Bocce Club (16 players in the area) We will only play on the two artificial surface courts.

  • We will play one game per night to 21 (vs 3 games to 12)
  • Game one will start at 6 PM, Warm ups at 5:50 Play one game to 21 or until time limit of 7:20. No frame to start after 7:20. If match is tied there will be a one frame tiebreaker.
  • Game two will start at 7:30 PM, Warm ups at 7:20, Play one game to 21 or until time limit of 8:50. No frame to start after 8:50. If match is tied there will be a one frame tiebreaker  
  • Club balls provided will be cleaned before each match
  • If using club balls separate by circles and squares
  • If using personal balls mark two ball with black marker
  • Only 1 player on the court at a time (in the Kitchen) next person up be ready.
  • Players must stay 6’ feet apart following social distancing rules (bring your own lawn chair is encouraged)
  • Keep measurements to a minimum
  • Paesano Bocce Club will provide cleaners and disinfectants at each end
  • Pallino will be cleaned before each game
  • Masks are highly recommended
  • No sharing of food.
  • One person assigned to do all measurements for each game
  • One person assigned to change the scoreboard
  • Do not touch other balls. After the frame kick the balls back to the end.



Members needing a little cheer and a prayer: Let Don Filippi know if you have someone that needs a pray or a little cheering up.  503-936-3532 or

Prayers for:

Don Filippi ~ Back and neck problems.

All Club Paesano Members and their Families! We could all use a prayer during these crazy times


Important 2019 Date to Remember:

7/1 General Membership meeting

8/? Members appreciation Luncheon (this is in the works for a possible late summer BBQ)

10/24, Halloween Dance, 5 Guys Named Moe

12/9. Members Christmas Party

Membership Dues

REMINDER: Membership Dues are due the first of June. If you haven’t paid yet bring a check to the July meeting! Giovanni Kern will have his “high” pockets open for business! He does take credit cards.

Cedarville Park:

Cedarville Shares are still available for purchase. Shares are for Club Paesano Members only. You must be a member of Club Paesano to purchase shares. See Steve Petruzzelli if Interested.

Repeat from last month but still happening. From time to time people ask me, “How much does it cost to have an event or weddings at the Club?” I tell them it varies by many factors. Like the time of the year, day of the week, etc. They need to contact Hanna Vrieling at 503-666-7636 or e-mail

2020 Membership Drive: Members are the lifeblood of our organization and help us fulfill our mission. Every member or event holds a chance to recruit new members. I would like to set a goal for Club Paesano to increase our membership in 2020. Are you ready to help? Don’t wait. I challenge all members to make the effort to find and sponsor energetic, participative, potential members that want to be part of a special organization. Let’s strive for a successful membership drive this year!



On March 14th during the height of COVID-19 in Italy, Italians find a moment of joy in this moment of anxiety. Under lockdown to prevent the spread of COVID-19, songs break out from rooftops, balconies and windows. Truly an uplifting moment!

“Dwell on the beauty of life. Watch the stars, and see yourself running with them” ~ Marcus Aurelius

Stay Safe and have a “FANTASTIC” Day



Italian Clubs Conference Attendees:

ACIP- Scasso Andrea

ACIP – Cinzia Corio-Holman

ACIP- Pasquale Madeddu

ACIP- Sergio Pellecchia 

Amici – Theresa Rossetto

Amici – Vickie Greco

Club Paesano – Mario Pompei

Dept. Italian Language PSU – Angela Zagarella

Festa Italiana – Ed Ferrero

Festa Italiana – Frank Cook

IBC – Tony Leonetti

Italian Consul – Andrea Bartoloni

Italian Language Meet up – Harvey Clawson

PBSC – Phil Potestio

Scuola Italiana – Alessandra Gardino

Sons & Daughters of Italy – Rosann Grzesiowski

Sons and Daughters of Italy – Barbara Blair 

Tuscan ass. – Ken Kane 

Tuscan Ass. – George LaFrazia

Westside Italians – Christina Cavallaro

Westside Italians – Tonya Russo Hamilton




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