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Club Paesano’s “Concert in the Park August 7, 2021. What a beautiful afternoon/night to spend with friends and family. It all started with Club Paesano’s Fantastic Spaghetti and Meatball Dinner with Cesar Salad and rolls. Then it was Dance off the Carbs to the Beatnicks. One of the Northwest’s Premier throwback bands. To see a few pictures of the night click here: Concert in the Park

Gresham Farmers Market

Hello All. Saturday morning July 31st, Club Paesano, was able to set up an informational booth, at the “Gresham Farmer’s Market”. We had a canopy and table set up, to advertise, and answer any questions, about “Club Paesano”, Paesano Bocce”, and “Cedarville Lodge & Park”. We were also able to advertise and sell tickets to our upcoming “Concert in the Park”, Saturday August 7th. As most of you know, the “Farmer’s Markets” are very popular in the Portland area. A lot of people visit them, so our booth was visible to a great amount of people walking by. We had so many people stop to ask us about our clubs, both “Club Paesano” & “Paesano Bocce Club”. We had some inquire about the Lodge and Park rentals too. The day was a total success! We were able to sell tickets, advertise our upcoming events, and sign up some new players that were very interested in playing Bocce. This was a new experience for us, and one that we will definitely be taking more advantage of. Best of all, it was free for us to do! Special thanks, to Bocce Club President, Mario Pompei, and Shannon Chissom, for coming out and helping to promote our wonderful clubs, and facilities! Another huge step in the right direction!



Dedication of “Bob’s Bar”



September  2021

Presidents Message:

Ciao Club Paesano Members.

As always, I hope that this months “LaCarota” finds you all doing well. “Healthy, happy and Safe”!

Where did this summer go? In a blink of an eye, we’re already at the end of August, with the Fall season, hanging around the corner. I hope that you all had a chance to enjoy this beautiful summer and are able to take advantage, of what’s left of it. The good thing about the Pacific NW, is the extended summer and mild Fall.

Concert in the Park:

Our “Concert in the Park” took place without a problem. Having the issues, with our website, and the weather not cooperating 100%, I was pleasantly surprised with the turn out. In true “Paesano” fashion, we came out in force! We came out, brought family and friends, and supported our event. Much thanks to all of you that volunteered to help, and worked a shift at one of our stations. I know that some of you worked double shifts and more. I really appreciated it, and trust me it was noticed. The food was fantastic, the “Cantina” was flowing, and the music from the “Beatniks”, was terrific! What a great band. I’ll have more info about the “Concert” for you, after our board meeting, at Septembers Members meeting.

Festa Italiana:

The “Festa” was held at “Cedarville Park” this past weekend. Considering the weather, and the logistics of having it out here in Gresham, it looked to me like they had a pretty good turnout. As most of you know, “Club Paesano” extended our help, and offered the park to them, so we could help them revive the “Festa”. They needed some help, and I’m glad that the board of “Cedarville” & “Club Paesano” were able to step in and help out. The Italian community has thinned out quite a bit, but this shows that we are still able to come together in tough times, and help each other out, like our families did in the past. The “Festa” will celebrate their 30th Anniversary next year, so I felt it was very important for them to have something, even though it was smaller, but something to show the Portland community, that they haven’t gone away! It was tough at times, but I really enjoyed sitting on their committee for the last 9 months, to help out. The whole committee deserves a round of applause for getting it up and running, and making it a success! I’d like to give thanks to all of our members that stepped up, and volunteered to work shifts during this event. It was appreciated by all. Special thanks to Marc Battilega and his family, Ben and Katie, for running the kitchen and all the food items. Mike Farley for running the Cantina all day. John Kern, for working the gate, and keeping his eye on all our finances. Chelle Ordway for organizing our volunteers. Hopefully next year’s “Festa” will be a huge PARTY!!!!

Halloween Dance:

Our “Halloween Dance” is still on and will be held, Saturday October 23rd. Doors open at 5:30pm, Cocktail hour, our famous “Spaghetti & Meatball” dinner, and live music for your listening and dancing pleasure from “5 Guys named Moe”. We have had them perform at other dances in the past, so you’re in for a treat, if you haven’t heard them before. Please bring your family, friends, co-workers, etc. Help spread the word, and advertise as much as you can. We will have flyers available at our September meeting, and our website situation will be resolved, so let’s try to make this another successful “Club Paesano” event. We will be partnering with the “Toys & Joys” Charity, that provides toys to families, for Christmas, so be sure to bring a toy for their collection. Of course, we will follow any “Covid” Guidelines, mandated by the state at the time.

Paesano Bocce:

I’m very happy to report, that this year’s league nights, have been a huge success, and probably one of the best years in our Bocce history! We extended our league nights an extra night, and added a Wednesday night “Beginners” league. We got to meet a lot of new people that were so enthusiastic about playing the game. So many of them sought us out. They were looking for a place to play, Googled “Bocce in Portland”, and found us. Great job Mario Pompei, our Bocce President, for keeping our website up, and constantly updating it. It has paid off in big ways! We are getting noticed, and people are coming out. “If you build it, they will come”! We have built 2 courts, and will be building 2 more at the end of this season. The public have come out, and they have taken notice, and are interest in what we have to offer them. We want to build 2 new courts, and would like to cover them with a roof, extending our play, maybe being able to play all year long. If you can contribute in any way, or know of anyone who can contribute, maybe financially, as a donor, please let us know.

Our summer leagues are over, but we will be starting a “Fall League”, Sunday September 5th at 9am. The league will play into October. All are welcome. From Beginner to Pro. We will be playing an “Ill Sacco” style format, which basically means, your name will be thrown in a hat, and you will play with different players every week, keeping track of the points that you have accumulated for that day, adding them all up at the end of the season, to see where you place individually. This is a great way for our new members to meet our existing members, and for beginners to play with more advanced players. A chance for our experienced players to help out our newer players. If you are interested in playing, please contact our “Competition Chairman” Brad Cotton at You can also contact Mario Pompei, Doug Burchak, Dino Gavazza, or Myself, or go to if you can’t get a hold of Brad. We will be more than willing to help you out. Special thanks to Mario Pompei, Doug Burchak, Dino Gavazza, and Yours truly, for being out there, week after week, tourney after tourney, getting the courts and area prepped, for each bocce event that we have had. It’s a lot of hard work, and sometimes tough, but we manage to get it done, and have some fun doing it!!! Here’s to a great future, of “Paesano Bocce”! 

Fun Committee:

The “Fun Committee” is happy to announce, the return of our “MONDAY NIGHT SOCIAL”! Starting back up, Monday, September 13th. Doors open at 5:30pm. Get there when you can. This is open to all members. We started it last December, and ran it to May, taking the summer months off. We are now ready to ramp it up again!!! Monday night Football, movies, music, dice, card games, food, and drink. What more can you ask for? A night to come out, unwind, have dinner, and a fun time with your fellow “Club Paesano” members. Those of us that came out and took advantage of it, had a great time! Like the “Elks” the “Moose”, “K of C” etc. we need to have our own place to go and hang out, with fellow members. Why not our own building? Perhaps this can lead into getting our own “Members Lounge” built someday. If we show that we want it, then maybe something will be done in the future. In the meantime, take advantage of what we have to offer! We are open to any ideas that you may have, as far as what we do that night. Perhaps a movie, music or a game night. All ideas are welcome. We also welcome anyone who would like to contribute food, or a meal for the night. Last year, everyone that attended, took turns making a meal for the group. It all turned out great and was appreciated. If you would like to make a meal for one of the nights, please let me know, so we don’t purchase anything. For the 1st night, Sept. 13th,  the “Fun Committee” will be providing the 1st meal. Starting Monday October 4th, we will allow our members to bring one “Non Member” guest. Going forward, we will allow this to happen, every 1st Monday of the month. If it’s successful, then we may allow another night as well, but for now, it will be limited to the 1st Monday of the Month. Hopefully your guest may be a potential member.  Come out and enjoy!!!

Special Thanks:

I’d like to take this opportunity to give “Special thanks” to all of you that participate, volunteer and work hard, but I would love to take this moment to give a huge “THANK YOU” to Marc Battilega, and his famiglia. Kathy, Ben and Katie. I had the opportunity to work in the kitchen at the Festa with Marc and his family. Let me tell you, they work their “Butts” off, and function like a “Well-oiled machine”! There was no waste of movement. They cooked, took orders, worked the cash, and had the food coming out, fast and without incident. Yes, they had some help, but they were the “heart and soul” that kept everything rolling smoothly. Marc comes in 4 days before, to make sauce, before every event.  (Thanks to all that come in to help him). He is always available to help out and answer any questions, that we may have. His kids, Ben and Katie, come in to help us out with every event. (I’m sure that they could be doing something more fun with their night). Kathy, comes in and helps in the kitchen, and puts together this newsletter every month. I’m sure that most of you know, what the Battilega family means to this club, and what they have done for us, but if you see them, be sure to let them know! THANK YOU! 

New Members:

We are looking for new Members to join the club. If you know of anyone that would fit the bill, then you should introduce them to our club. We have our “Halloween Dance” coming up, or you can bring them to one of our “Monday Night Socials”. Applications need to be submitted by our October meeting. I would be happy to talk to anyone who may be interested. 

Membership Dues:

If you still haven’t paid your annual membership dues, please contact John Kern to make arrangements of payment. John is a very busy man, and doesn’t have time to “Chase” people for dues that they owe. Please make it easy on him, and pay your dues, or risk being suspended! Thank You.

Cedarville Shares:

If you are interested in “Cedarville Lodge/Park”  shares, please contact Steve Petruzelli at  Why not own a share of this beautiful property!!

Members Appreciation BBQ:

To be determined after this month’s board meeting

La Carota Question:

For the moment you have all been waiting for! We have a new “Champ” in town. After picking himself off the mat, and coming back strong to regain his belt, as the “Heavy Weight Wine King” from “IronDoug Burchak, The “Providence Prince”, The “Rhode Island Rogue”, Mario, the “Comeback Kid”, was again stunned, dazed, and confused and dropped by the up and comer, and now newly crowned champ. “Mighty Mike Farley”! Mike came up from nowhere to take the belt, and now has to defend it. Can he go on a tear like our previous champ did, or will Mario dare make another run at it? We will have to wait and see. If you would like to take over as the “Wine Champion”, then you must compete in the winner take all tournament.

With all that drama, here is our next “La Carota” question. In keeping with “Getting to know our members”, this month’s question is about one of our members. Let’s see if you can figure out who they may be.

Name our member that served as the “Police Chief” for the “Gresham Police” Dept. And also, served as a state representative for Oregon.

All correct answers will be entered in our drawing for a bottle of wine, and to be the next “Wine Champ”. You can’t win if you don’t play!

La Parola Italiana Del Mese:

This month’s words will be “Successo e Festa”, which translates to “Success and Celebration”. After a great summer had, and a couple successful, “Club Paesano” events!

Final Words:

As our summer has come in and now, we prepare for fall, I have to stop for a moment to collect my thoughts and think of how fast everything went by this year. In a year that started out with many questions, and restrictions, we finally, got to enjoy some sense of normalcy and regularity. My family and I, got to get out and enjoy that sense of normal, and I hope that you all did too. Speaking on behalf of our club, I was so happy that we finally got back into what we do best, and that is to be together and have fun! We finally had an official event, and got to invite our guests! We had multiple events, along with our Bocce leagues. When we were called upon, we rose up, came together, and made things happen, in the true “Club Paesano” way. Like a family that unites, after being down, we become stronger! I’m so happy to be part of the “CP” family. After seeing all of you volunteer, to make our events a success, it shows me what a great family we really are and I am looking forward to our future!!

Take care and be happy.



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