Celebrate National Law Enforcement Day and Adopt-A-Cop Month

January is Adopt-A-Cop month. Club Paesano is member of the Gresham Area Chamber of Commerce and Proud to be participating in this month long Gresham Area Wide Celebration.

Several Club Paesano Members showing our support to Law Enforcement and Officer Brian! If you see Officer Brian, Thank him for his Service and let him know you are a Club Paesano Member!

Club Paesano at Gresham’s Farmers Market

Gresham Farmers Market

Hello All. Saturday morning July 31st, Club Paesano, was able to set up an informational booth, at the “Gresham Farmer’s Market”. We had a canopy and table set up, to advertise, and answer any questions, about “Club Paesano”, Paesano Bocce”, and “Cedarville Lodge & Park”. We were also able to advertise and sell tickets to our upcoming “Concert in the Park”, Saturday, August 7th. As most of you know, the “Farmer’s Markets” are very popular in the Portland area. A lot of people visit them, so our booth was visible to a great amount of people walking by. We had so many people stop to ask us about our clubs, both “Club Paesano” & “Paesano Bocce Club”. We had some inquiries about the Lodge and Park rentals too. The day was a total success! We were able to sell tickets, advertise our upcoming events, and sign up some new players that were very interested in playing Bocce. This was a new experience for us, and one that we will definitely be taking more advantage of. Best of all, it was free for us to do! Special thanks, to Bocce Club President, Mario Pompei, and Shannon Chissom, for coming out and helping to promote our wonderful clubs, and facilities! Another huge step in the right direction!