Club Paesano Heritage Day! Sunday March 13th

Club Paesano’s Italian Heritage Dinner! A walk down memory lane. Great presentation by Anna Nassib (Fazio) It all started in 1955 as Club Paesano. In 1975 Paesano members purchased Cedarville lodge for $60,000. Lots of memorabilia on display. Loved hearing the old stories from all the old timers, especially Richard Calcagno. “He told us all the little dark secrets no one knew about! We know now! Fantastic dinner provided by Greg Demaestri and his brother in law Dennis Grieng. Mike Farley for the drink of the night, “The Tirasimu”! So yummy! Giovanni Kern at the front desk! Thanks to all volunteers for helping out!

And a great Big mille grazie to Rick Cervi for putting this all together and Diane, Rick, and Adriana Cervi for the Fantastic set-up! The lodge never looked so good! And thank you Joe Rossi for providing some of the pictures! Here are some pictures of the evening.