About Club Paesano

Club Paesano is a non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization. It was created for the social and recreational benefits of its members and to thereby encourage and develop a spirit of comradeship, friendship, and community service. 

In years gone past, . . . the Gardeners and Ranchers Association, who were primarily Italian produce dealers and farmers in the Portland area, held an annual picnic. They decided in early 1955 to terminate the picnic.

This didn’t sit well for a group of second generations Italians. They wanted to continue this annual affair, so they gathered a group if interested individuals and each contributed $20 towards expenses to continue a picnic on the first Sunday in August. Cedarville Park was rented for $25. The picnic was successful.

Due to interest, it was decided to organize “Club Paesano.” It was incorporated in the state of Oregon on September 14, 1955. 

Since Club Paesano had rented the park in the past, they were contacted and advised of the proposal sale.  In September 1975, members of Club Paesano decided to purchase the property. The property was incorporated as a Club Paesano/Cedarville Park and monies were acquired from the sale of shares to those interested members. One would need to be a member of Club Paesano in order to purchase shares. 

Members are proud of Cedarville park and our rustic lodge. Located just minutes from Portland on a beautifully grassed 11-acre private park with cedar, fir, maple and alder trees. The “Home of Club Paesano.”  Club Paesano is a 100% Volunteer Organization and it’s members volunteer because they want to make a difference, to become part of a passionate and engaging community. Today there are 100 limited members that meet on the first Wednesday of every month.  As many non-profit organizations, our income is limited and have 3 or 4 public fund raising functions to raise funds. We also have several member only events. Club Paesano members meet the first Wednesday of each month. 


Mario Pompei
President Club Paesano.


Mario Pompei: President (1 year remaining)

Don Filippi: Vice President (1 year remaining)

Secretary: Jim Siri (1 year remaining)

Treasurer: John Kern (1 year remaining)

Board Members:

            Marc Battilega (1 year remaining)

            Jim Burch (1 year remaining)

            Jim Calcagno (1 year remaining)

Newly elected Board members:

           Joe Castellano (2 years remaining) Re-Elected

            Ric Cervi (2 years remaining) Re-Elected

            Michelle Ordway (2 years remaining) New

Sgt at Arms:

Phil Potestio (1 year remaining)