La Carota

Presidents Message

LaCarota                    November 2021


Presidents Message:

Hello fellow Club Paesano Members,

As always, I hope this issue of La Carota, finds you all healthy, happy and safe. The hustle and bustle of summer is now over, and now we work on closing things down, weatherizing, and winterizing. Leaves are falling, and the colors of fall are definitely underway. Reminds me of back home. Going to the Cider mills, drinking hot apple cider, fresh cake doughnuts, and horse drawn buggy rides. Perhaps a “Fun Committee” event in the future?

Member News:

As most of you know, we received the unfortunate news of the passing of our near and dear friend and member, Don Filippi. The news was not only unexpected, and surprising, but hit so many of us very hard.  We all knew that Don was experiencing some health issues, but no one expected that he would be gone so soon! The only news that we have received, is that his passing was due to an infection, during his recovery from open heart surgery. We don’t know anything else at this point. As of now, there hasn’t been a date set for his Memorial Service yet. I will keep you all informed as soon as we find out. Don is survived by his wife Erica and daughter, Katie Mannan.

I received a lot of calls and emails, about it, and what happened. Obviously, Don meant so much to so many. I received so many beautiful emails, about Don, and how great a person he was. “A big man with a bigger heart”. “So, funny”. “Heart of Gold”. “Always had a smile”. “So, caring”. These were just some of the quotes, I received in the messages. I didn’t know Don as long as a lot of you did, but in the short time that I did, it felt like a life time. He was always funny, had a new joke, but would always ask how my family and myself were doing, making sure that we were all well.  Don will be missed by so many, and heaven has gained a new Angel!  If you’d like to say a few words about Don, or share a story about him, please join us at next month’s meeting. We will have a chance to share comments and stories, with our fellow members. “Rest in Peace” Don Filippi.

Members Appreciation BBQ:

The member’s appreciation BBQ, was a great day. The weather cooperated, and we were able to have it outside under our pavilion.  The sun came out, and it ended up getting warm. We had a very good turnout, about 35 members and guests. We had hamburgers, Italian sausage with peppers and onions, salad, and beverages. Some of us played bocce, and cornhole, or just enjoyed each other’s company. I have to say, sometimes I enjoy these smaller more intimate events, more than our bigger ones, as they give us a chance to visit with several different members, and we are able to hear each other talk. I also love our dances, and enjoy sharing the love of music and fellowship at those events as well.  By the feedback I receive, a lot of you feel the same way. Thanks to all of you that came out. Your presence was felt, and appreciated. Thanks also to all of you that volunteer and help out at our events!  We are a social club and that’s what this club is all about. Without volunteering members, and all the help that you provide, we’d be nothing! Once again, I appreciate it, and the Club thanks you!!

Halloween Dance:

We had our Halloween Dance on Oct 23rd. I thought we had a good turnout for our 1st public indoor event, despite the Covid circumstances. As usual, the dinner was fabulous, and everyone raved over it. Thanks to Marc and his family for doing what they do to make it happen. “5 Guys Named Moe” had the place jumping, and people dancing. Can’t wait to see them again at out “Concert in the Park” next August 2022. What a great band! Toys and Joy Charity was there and very happy with all of the donations and can’t wait to be invited back. A terrific charity that gives out toys to kids and families in need. Thanks to all of you that attended, brought your guests and donated toys to support. The Club really needed your support, and I too appreciate your support.

Let’s get ready for our next Paesano Club dance event in February. Our “Carnevale Dance”  is Saturday February 26, 2022. Plan on being there and spreading the word. Let’s, try to fill the lodge up! I will let you know when our tickets go on sale.

Christmas Dinner:

Our annual Christmas Dinner will be held this year on Sunday December 5th, doors open at 3 pm. Dinner to be served around 5pm. Our Christmas dinner is held for our members, and their spouses, significant other, or partner. We also allow you to bring any child, who is 21yrs and younger, and are still living at home with you. Prices for guests will be announced in the near future. Please email me with an “RSVP”, with the amount of people your family will bring. This dinner will be catered, and has been very good. We’ll need a definite “Head count”, so that we can order the right amount of food. As most of you know, this has been a great way to bring in a “Club Paesano Christmas”. Besides the wonderful dinner, we’ll be introducing our new board members, and our new members. This year, we will potentially be introducing 4 new members to our wonderful core. I would call that a pretty good year.  We’ll be singing our traditional Christmas carols, including “Domenic, the Christmas Donkey”, have children’s activities, and be visited by good Ol Santa Clause himself. Always a fan favorite. In my opinion, another great “Club Paesano” tradition, that brings us all together! Once again, please email me with the number of people in your party at: or call 503-257-7374 and leave a message.  Thank you!

New Member Update:

As I stated earlier, we have a new crop of “Bright eyed”, “Bushy tailed”, member candidates. Each one of these potential members has come to us, very interested and eager to become a member. Some have already participated in some of our events, and joined “Paesano Bocce Club” as well. That’s a good sign, and a GREAT start. It always helps when the interest is there to be involved right off the start!

Our candidates had a chance to introduce themselves at our past meeting, so some of you got a chance to meet them already. They are eager to jump in and start helping anyway they can.

Their names are: Greg DeMaestri, Debra Ceglie, Anna Salanti, and Frank Cook (Anna & Frank are married). Each one of these people have been involved in one way or another, with promoting all of our Italian culture in some way. Frank & Anna have been heavily involved with the “Festa Italiana” for many years. Greg was involved in his Italian Club and grew up around it, down in San Francisco. Debra has Italian family, wants to be more involved with her Italian heritage.  This is what we are looking for as a club. “Involvement, volunteers, and energy. A desire to promote, and push our Club up, ANOTHER NOTCH!!! Not only that, but having the desire to be involved and have fun! We work hard, but we can play hard too! Nothing wrong with enjoying some of the fruits of our labor too. Be there at December’s meeting to cast a vote on our future membership!

Fun Committee News:

We have been enjoying our “Monday Night Social” as usual. The group has been kind of “slim” the last few weeks, but it’s all good. We understand that not everyone can make it every Monday night. It’s there for you to enjoy when you can make it. Those of us that have been going pretty regular, really enjoy the comradery of each other, and the relaxed nature of being able to kick back, enjoy some good food, and some really good laughs and stories. It’s another great way to get to know each other better. Feel free to get out there whenever you  can make it. Remember that the 1st Monday of the month, is “Bring a guest” Monday. Hopefully a potential member, but it can be whoever you think that would enjoy us and the club.

We are still working on our next “Night out”. There are a couple of venues that we are looking into, with dinner and music. I’ll let you know when the next one is solidified. It would be nice to get out with a group of our fellow members, to bring in the holidays that unbelievably, are just around the corner. Where did our summer go?

 Let us know if you have any ideas, or want to “Champion” an event, via the “Fun Committee”. We will do whatever we can to help set it up and make it happen. Let us know!

Paesano Bocce Club News:

As we’ve stated, our summer bocce leagues have come to an end, back in late August.  We started a new “Fall league” that is still going on. A group of us show up on Sunday mornings to play. We play with whoever makes it, mixing up the players, so we make the teams as equal as possible. It’s been great fun and nice getting to meet our new members, and helping them out with the game. With our beautiful courts and park like setting, I know why it’s so easy to enjoy. We are winding the league down to an end for the year, but if you are interested in bocce, and maybe joining one of our leagues next year, please go to or talk to us directly. Mario Pompei, Dino Gavazza, Doug Burchak, or Rick Cervi.  We’ll all be available and ready to help you out. It’s a great sport and very addicting. Come on out to our “Open House” next May 2022 to give it a try, or get a hold of one of us and we can meet you at the courts, to give you a lesson and help you roll.

We just began the building of our two new courts. The last two were done 3 yrs ago. Three weeks ago, we tore out the last two, and are now getting ready to pour the concrete for the base of the courts. It’s very exciting for the league and all of us that play and are heavily involved. We will now have 4 world class bocce courts! This is fantastic and we now have the potential to hold some “Big Money” tournaments, inviting teams from all over the nation!  A great way to put the “Paesano Bocce Club” on the map, and to put us in the same conversations as California, the east coast, and parts in between. Our next goal will be to build a cover to extend our play, even possibly playing all year long. That would really put some of our players and teams right up there with all the Big Fish, that play all year, throughout the country. The most important part is that we can extend our seasons, interest new players, and gain a whole new crop of players, that will enjoy a day or night out on the courts. It’s a great sport that anyone can play, no matter age, gender, or athletic ability. Anyone can come out and be successful, or just come out to have a ton of fun! We are still selling shirts, hats, towels and brick pavers to raise money for our new roof. What a beautiful way of immortalizing you, your family a business, by having a paver locked in around these 4 beautiful courts for everyone to see. Christmas is around the corner, and anyone or all of these would make great stocking stuffers, and help us raise money for a great cause.

We accept monetary donations as well. If you work for a big company that donates to such causes, please put our name out there for a company donation. We have different donation levels that give different things, i.e., Business banners with logos and names, dinners, bocce events, etc. I have a break down with the different monetary donations. Let me know and I can send you a copy. It’s a great cause, so let’s keep it “Rolling”!

Member Appreciation:

I’d like to give a quick “Shout out” to a couple of our members that go out of their way to help us out, when we need it. Most of the “doings” are behind the scenes, and you probably don’t ever see.

First off is Bill Mallon. He is always at the ready to help us out with all of our Liquor License and planning needs. He always takes the paper work in and draws up any plans we need to keep the “OLCC” happy. He quietly does it, taking a lot of pressure off the rest of us to get it done.

Next is, Joe Castellano. I’d like to thank Joe for always going out and getting us FREE beer, for our events. That is huge for bringing in revenue and a profit for the club. Joe has been doing this for quite a few years now, and it’s very much appreciated!

Marc Battilega. Everything food is all because of Marc and his family. Marc is the “General” of the kitchen, and responsible for all of our great “Spaghetti & Meatball Dinners. So much work done without any complaints and all simultaneously while running his own business. Thank you Marc for the hundreds of hours given for the sake of our club.

I’d also like to thank Mario Pompei for stepping in and help take over the bar this year. After the passing of our dear friend Bob Larson, who single handedly handled everything concerning the bar and alcohol. Mario stepped in and is now running and keeping our inventory up to date. Not a small task, considering all that Bob did for the Club.

Last but not least, Mike Farley. Mike has graciously stepped in and help run the bar when we have been shorthanded at a couple of events. He has spent time fixing beer taps, and other mechanical things that needed mending, behind the bar. He’s also quick to help out when it comes to security detail. All things that we need done and are greatly appreciated.


Cedarville Lodge & Park Shares:

If you are interested in purchasing shares, and owning a piece of this great Lodge, Park and Club, please contact Steve Petruzelli at 503-620-3447 or

Thoughts & Prayers:

Let’s keep Don Filippi and his family in our thought and prayers, along with our other members, John Benagni who just underwent valve replacement surgery on his heart, and  Nick Rossi who underwent partial knee replacement surgery. Both are recovering and doing well. I’d also like you to pray for Jim Siri who is getting ready for a hip replacement, and my mother-in-law, Gerry Sells, who is getting ready to have eye surgery.

If you would like anyone else included in our prayer chain, please contact me at  or call me at 503-257-7374.

La Carota Question:

This month, I’d like to dedicate “La Carota” question, to our beloved friend Don Filipi. I’ll make it a two-part question, and commentary, giving you two chances to win a bottle of wine. Don’s spirit and heart were so big that he deserves a couple of bottles given in his honor!

As you know, last month our “Comeback Kid”, Mario Pompei, was once again derailed by the up and comer Chris “Superfly” Siri. He took the crowd by surprise and took the bottle of wine to a new home. Can he repeat? Or will there be a new victor, or will the Wiley one, Mario, get back to his winning ways? We will soon find out.

So, here is this month’s question:

Not sure how many of you knew it, but Don was an accomplished musician, playing two instruments? Can you name both of the instruments that he mastered??

The 2nd part, is not a question, but some commentary. I’d like to hear back from you, about Don. In a word or a very short sentence, I’d love to hear how Don was involved in your life, or how he made a positive impact on you.

There you go, 2 chances to win. Don would have said, “You don’t need it”, but this is for him.

The right answer for the question, and a comment, can get you 2 bottles of wine, this time. Please email me at for your chance to win.

Final Thoughts:

With the passing of our friend Don Filippi, and earlier this year, Bob Larson, it makes me stop to think of how precious life really is. I know that we have all heard it a million times, and we think about it really quick, but most of us, get back on the fast-moving train of life, to just keep chugging along, and forgetting about how valuable our lives really are, not only to ourselves, but our loved ones around us. What would we do without them, and they without us. Makes you stop and put things into perspective when you think about it, when the tragedy of someone near and dear passes. This isn’t to depress you, but only to make us all stop and smell the roses sometimes. Make sure that we communicate with our loved ones and friends, always say “I love you” and give them a hug, and never go to bed angry. Let’s always cherish life, and our loved ones, enjoy your families, and never take them for granted.

Take care,